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New Testimonials Update

New clients and their testimonies.

Photo of Pat Wilson and his son in their Ferrari F360 Equivalent . CMC team are exceptional painters and custom car builders. Many painters and custom car builders fail to see the small details; the team at CMC automobiles sees the details and then some. I would highly recommend Samuel and The CMC team." Pat Wilson., Texas

My 1966 Mustang was stuck in Paint & Body Prison for almost 5 years. Samuel rescued it and had all the custom paint and body work completely done to my exacting specifications and standards in just 2 months. He is a most meticulous craftsman who offers only the best work you can demand. He will give you a great job for a fair price. I am bringing my 1938 pickup to him for its final paint and bodywork. Dan Evans., St Louis Missouri.

Photo of Michael Bowman in his CMC Ferrari F430 spider Equivalent I wanted to send you an email to let you know I was highly impressed with CMC! I initially was hesitant at first and went with another company that proved to be a total disaster. I’m so glad I called you again and went with you guys. Samuel (from the CMC) that delivered the car was extremely nice and really made me want to use you guys again ( he was very professional and seemed like an all around awesome guy). You all really made my dream come true and I’m very happy for that. I posted a photo of the car you built for me. In March this year I ordered the Ferrari F430 spider Equivalent with a LS7 engine and I am very proud to show it off. Not even my best friends know it is a Equivalent . Michael Bowman.

Hi Samuel! Just wanted to say it was really nice. Thank you (and please thank the team at CMC) for everything you guys have done. I appreciate you doing all you did to assure me that everything would go as planned. Steve, obviously, LOVED his birthday present. He was like a little boy all day long in that car. He was just beside himself with excitement. I’m so happy it was a success. It took three months from the time I first spoke with you Samuel in February this year. You started the first stage in making the Ferrari Italia Equivalent and sent me the video of the tube chassis seven days after I had paid the deposit, you constantly contacted me with updates until the car was completed and you shipped it to my home. My neighbor after seeing my husband in his black Ferrari Equivalent says that he just needs one too to keep up with us. I gave him your phone number he said he will call you soon with his specs. Thank You! Cheryl Myers Chicago, Illinois.

Photo of Pedro Rodriguez and his wife Maria in their CMC Maserati GranTurismo Equivalent .

Dear Sam and Charley, Thank you So much for your help. We were very pleased to have met your staff, Ken represents CMC greatly, And provides great customer service making the purchase of the Maserati Equivalent a great experience. Samuel, (from CMC) is a gentle giant he lead us through the building of the car smoothly and the CMC team were right on the promised schedule always calling us to confirm if we have seen the update videos of the development of the project. It was exciting to see the stages and how professional they were in building the car so quickly. You should have seen my husband´s face when Samuel presented the last stage video of the Maserati Equivalent . Thank you so much for your help and we look forward to coming back to you soon for our second car. Pedro Rodriguez The best welcoming ever happen to us when Samuel had brought our Rolls Royce Phantom Equivalent to meet us at the terminal. When we first arrived at the airport my eyes nearly popped out of my head as our car of our dreams was waiting for us just outside of the terminal. It was really unexpected because we were told the CMC staff were going to pick us up and bring us to see the car in the dispatch, however, to our amazement they delivered the car to us at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida instead. Thanks again Audi for such great service and making our dreams come true. Warren Perkins.

Testimonies Of Our Previous Customers

We are committed to providing you the best quality high end sports cars so you can make your exotic car Equivalent dream a reality!  Below are various testimonies of clients who purchased our cars since 2007.

Thanks CMC, the Ferrari Equivalent car showed up at my office yesterday after I left. If you ever need a customer testimonial here is what I have to say about CMC automobiles.

"Doing business with CMC was a great experience. There are a lot of body kit companies looking to just sell you the kit and expect you to put it together and half the parts do not even fit correctly, however CMC sold me a complete car that I could drive for the same price as what other body kit people sell only a dissembled kit for. What made up my mind to purchase from you guys is instead of buying just a kit that would have to assemble myself on the other hand you guys build the car completed and finished to my specifications ready to drive in just six weeks. After speaking with Ken before my initial purchase I felt confident that CMC were legit, and they certainly are. Ken was excellent at communicating with me during the entire order process and met his delivery commitments as promised. The car arrived perfect just how I wanted it. Great customer service, great value and solid product. I would definitely do business any time with CMC. Thanks CMC!"

George Bucc. - This email is to thank you CMC for helping me via the phone, emails, youtube videos and photos to purchase my first car i ordered the car in december 2007 and i just sold the car for $54,900.00 and the young man that bought it could not thank me enough for selling it to him at that price. the profit allowed me to catch up on my home mortage that was two months behind and to also put extra money in the bank. i can not thank you enough for helping me sr. i am no mechanic or handy man so buying the Equivalent finished with my choice of interior and exterior colors and having a three year warranty included in the package gave me the best confidence that money can buy to purchase my dream car from you guys. i learned a lot on this first project and frankly made a lot of money. i would love one day to build the new reventon roadster Equivalent you offer but first i am going to buy the new bugatti veyron roadster Equivalent because i know i can get that project completed in six weeks and be able to sell the high performance aspects of the audi v10 engine and power train to some lucky buyer. i will end this email for now but again i can’t thank you enough. i stumbled onto your website after luckily clicking on one of your youtube videos. it was the best decission i have made in years and only god knows what this extra money means to me and my family. i was able to pay for my sisters; medical treatment with the money i made from your, and she too sends her thanks. she has not been able to afford the medical bills since she lost her job last august. i could go on forever but i will end now because i know you guys are busy. anyway thank you Ken, and the CMC team. keep up the good work and god bless.

Chris Turner, "CMC, Just wanted to let you know how grateful our company is to your company and to also mention how helpful your YOUTUBE videos were showing us the different models available. The Pagani Zonda Equivalent is everything you say it is and more! If anyone is interested in high end sports cars then CMC should be the website on the top of their "To Do" list. 10 Stars ********** your customer service is also the best on the net!" - Carson Lynn, Las Vegas

"I have consistently relied on the invaluable experience and knowledge of CMC to make my dream car come true without spending too much money. I purchased my first Ferrari F430 Equivalent for under US$22,000 and most people that see me cruise by think I paid over a half a million dollars for this outrageously, beautiful car. My Ferrari Equivalent with a 2006 MR2 donor car is extremely by far the most exotic, beautiful, reliable vehicle that anyone within a 20 mile radius of my home has ever seen. It has changed my life for the best. I love the way people react when I cruise by them, kids and adults point and wave like I am a Rock-Star or Multi-Millionaire. It is really the most fun I have ever had in driving a car. It has truly spiced up my life for the best. I looked at several options before buying my car from you and all of them were very expensive and wanted me to build the kit myself compared to what CMC offered me all I had to do was turn the key in my driveway. I love my car and I thank you guys for helping me make my dream car come true. I could have never done it without you. I took a leap of faith and sold my 2009 Ford Mustang in order to pay for this car and was able to have money left over when all was said and done. I am glad I sold my Mustang and only wish I had done it sooner. I will keep one of your Ferrari rivals in my life until the day I die. Thanks again…life has never been so sweet." Barry Johnston, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

CMC Just a quick email to say thanks for delivering on all your promises. Mohammed bin Abdullah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.