Press Release

The exciting new AMG Cars independent battery charger

The revolutionary

Hyperdrive Battery Charger

You no longer need to manually plug in and reenergize your electric motor if you use AMG Cars new rechargeable

Hyperdrive Battery Charger

AMG Cars now offers our new technologically advanced Hyperdrive Battery Charger with our replica Tesla electric motor.

AMG Cars electrical engineers recently designed and produced a battery charger inbuilt into the engine bay of the car.

This revolutionary Hyperdrive Battery Charger on board means the electric motor power plant energy supply would not lose energy, nor will the replica Tesla motor batteries need to be recharged over night with an external  plug-in connection.

With the new Hyperdrive Battery Charger you will never need to manually plug into an external electrical outlet over night anymore.

Before the Hyperdrive Battery Charger was invented our clients needed to recharge the replica Tesla battery power plant by plugging into its at-home High Power Connector unit, which would be fully charged in about 3.5 hours. This gave the owner of our replica Tesla electric car 220 miles a day driving consumption before recharging.

Now with theAMG Cars new advanced version replica Tesla electric motor and Hyperdrive Battery Charger you will never need to recharge the batteries over night daily again.

The Hyperdrive Battery Charger recharges the batteries while driving the car. A high power surge is produced from the Hyperdrive Battery Charger giving the batteries a continual recharge even on small distance trips. The Hyperdrive Battery Charger functions similar to the automotive alternators by recharging the battery while the car is running.

 However the Hyperdrive Battery Charger does not function the same as the automotive alternators voltage regulator built into them. The voltage regulator operates by modulating the small field current in order to produce a constant voltage at the stator output. The field current is much smaller than the output current of the alternator; for example, a 70-amp alternator may need only 2 amps of field current. The field current is supplied to the rotor windings by slip rings and brushes. The low current and relatively smooth slip rings ensure greater reliability and longer life.

Efficiency of automotive alternators is limited by fan cooling loss, bearing loss, iron loss, copper loss, and the voltage drop in the diode bridges; at part load, efficiency is between 50-62% depending on the size of alternator, and varies with alternator speed. In comparison, very small high-performance permanent magnet alternators, such as those used for bicycle lighting systems, achieve efficiency around 60%. Larger permanent magnet alternators can achieve much higher efficiency.

The Hyperdrive Battery Charger is not an automotive alternator with the field current supplying to the rotor windings by slip rings and brushes, instead the Hyperdrive Battery Charger is a highly efficient magnetic turbine which generates high surges of voltage into a transformer to distribute the charge directly into the Tesla batteries. The magnetic turbine is mounted 10 inches above the rear wheel axle and a motor cycle chain connects the magnetic turbine to the axle. When the electric vehicle is moving, the wheel axle spins the magnet turbine rod by the chain wrapped around the axle and the rod of the turbine. As the rotation of the axle and the turbine rod increases in speed this in turn producing the higher voltage surge which is then distributed into the transformer.

AMG Cars Hyperdrive Battery Charger now makes it possible to have an independent power plant from any external energy source.

The electric vehicle recycles its own power supply with its Hyperdrive Battery Charger.