AMG Cars Policy

 AMG Cars guarantees the accuracy of information given on this site. Specifications and prices can be used as references for the contract agreed upon by the two parties which are; the Clients and AMG Cars.  Please contact AMG Cars to confirm all prices and specifications before placing an order.
The information given on AMG Cars web site is intended for the use of forming the basis of our purchase contracts.
All images, photos and information presented on the AMG Cars website are used as references for agreements made in our purchase contracts and for the purpose to educate those not familiar with the fabrication of Replica cars in the carbonfibre mixed with kevlar industry for more information click here. 
Contracts can be made by completing and signing an order form and paying a deposit.
“Goods” means a vehicle, or parts sold by AMG Cars to the Customer as specified on the official AMG Cars website.
"Item" means any item to which building Services are performed by AMG Cars.
Any contract made with us is subject to our Standard Terms of Business.
“Terms of Business”
The price of the Goods will be AMG Cars quoted price as set out on the website.
Where no price has been quoted or a quoted price is no longer valid the price will be the Company's current price as at the date the contract is made.
All prices quoted are valid for 30 days only.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing the Customer must pay the price of the Goods in full before taking delivery of our Replica’s.
Each order is subject to AMG Cars guarantee of purchase.
The guarantee of purchase comes into affect once a contract is agreed upon by the Client and AMG Cars and an order is placed by completing a contract and signing an order form and paying a deposit. Only then will the guarantee become valid. From then on AMG Cars is subject to the conditions of the guarantee of completion of the replica.
AMG Cars guarantees the new AMG Cars car will be completed and prepared for delivery 3 months after the deposit is paid.
This guarantee is only valid if the Client has chosen a product from our AMG Cars Catalogue with the standard specifications.
If the Client has chosen to use any other engine parts, chassis’s or donor cars not specified on the AMG Cars catalogue then the guarantee could be modified depending on the availability of the above mentioned items.
The guarantee of AMG Cars is that after the order is made then AMG Cars will have the car built up to turn key stage ready with the interior and paint work completed.
The specification of AMG Cars cars shall be that specified on the order.
Also the donor car chassis and running gear whether it be the motor, transmission brakes etc. will have a warranty and/or guarantee as is given by the manufacturer of the Goods to AMG Cars, and the Customer hereby agrees to be bound by any conditions attaching to such warranty and/or guarantee.
If the Client has chosen a AMG Cars recommended donor car on our website for the use of building on and modifying for a Replica, then that donor car will be purchased by the Client from an authorized dealership.
Once the Client has purchased that donor car then AMG Cars will build the Replica kit on that vehicle.
The Client is free to come and visit and observe the progression of the project at anytime.
If the Client is unable to be present at any stage of the construction process of the new replica, then AMG Cars can send videos and photos via the internet for the Client to see each progression stage of the development of the kit.
AMG Cars shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in building the kit on the donor car, or delay of the agreed delivery date on the contract, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the Company's reasonable control. This means if there is a hold up with the shipping company while in transit with the client’s replica or if parts ordered from authorized car accessories companies’ delay in delivery of any part to complete a AMG Cars car.
When AMG Cars builds a kit car for a client overseas then AMG Cars is obligated to build the car according to the requirements of the Client’s national road traffic authority regulations or the place where the client has stipulated on the contract for the vehicle to be shipped to.
AMG Cars will be responsible for any modifications needed on the donor car to comply with the standards of the road traffic authority in the Client’s country.

“Payment of the vehicle”
When the Client and AMG Cars has entered into an agreement stipulating what the Client wants to build and what specifications the Client wants the replica to be built to and is signed in the contract, then AMG Cars will build the car by stages. Each stage requires a part payment until the completion of the car.
No payment is made until the Client is satisfied that the specified stage written in the contract has been completed.  
The Client reserves the right to see any stage of completion agreed upon in the contract, by visiting the workshop or by seeing a video or photos of the development of the car via internet or AMG Cars can make special arrangements with the Client to send the video or photos via 24 hour express mail to the Client’s residence.
The video can be made in VHS or in DVD and will be recorded in the compatible version to adapt to the equipment used in the Client’s country.
The Client is obligated to pay for each video and delivery expenses of those videos. The price for each video and for each delivery of the video or photos is US$45.00.
AMG Cars will not at anytime require a part payment of a stage specified in the contract until the Client has seen the stage either via internet or by visiting the workshop.

The Customer shall have the right to cancel a contract for the purchase of Goods only within 14 days of receipt of notification of:
any price increase of the Goods; and/or
any change in the specification of the Goods to the detriment of the Customer; and/or
any unforeseen delay in delivery.
Any deposit paid by the Customer to AMG Cars shall be refunded following cancellation pursuant to clauses above