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Offering Franchise opportunities

The number one goal for the franchise departmentis to open more Franchises in key economic locations around the world. Automobiles World, going global means establishing more Dealerships, Auto Services and Car Rentals in far reach areas of the globe.


Our Franchise programs are designed to encourage both single- and multi-unit owners. We offer a special multi-unit program for those candidates who commit to opening two or three Dealerships, Car Rentals and Auto Services immediately.


We also have an exciting area development program for candidates who commit to developing a minimum of 10 Franchises in 4 years. Succeeding as a automobiles Franchise owner will take a desire to learn, individual drive and ambition, and the right attitude; coupled with strong leadership and multi-tasking abilities.


In the automobiles Facility we prepare exotic cars for exporting all around the globe for automobiles Franchisees.


The sales in the exotic car market are rapidly developing around the world and are guaranteed to reach high profit margins. The Exotic Car Rental Market is also highly profitable enterprise with excellent profit margins. This is why franchising multiplies and maximizes the profit-making potential of automobiles proven profitable business.


When taking on a automobiles Franchise the business is providing an income stream and high returns that far surpasses the returns you might expect from other enterprises. automobiles products speak for themselves and our Franchises penetrating the international exotic car market has proven profitable growth rates.


We guarantee the first week the automobiles Franchise is opened and operational you will have abundance of sales. Automobiles also launched the Franchising program in potential economic regions with the intention of distributing our products with security and stability.


This means employing local people of each Nation makes it easier for automobiles to infiltrate markets that might pose problems or restrictions due to government regulations towards foreign businesses. Breaking down the legal barriers using international Franchises has opened the door of vast opportunities for automobiles and its clients.


The capability to grow without much legal hindrance promotes sales and expansion. Each week automobiles records growth potential and high profit margins reaching over 60% from the previous week. These outstanding figures demonstrate the potential of automobiles Franchise to develop sound bottom line profit margins. Each Nation has strict regulations and in many cases those regulations can only be best obeyed and dealt with using the same people in that nation.


National representatives of automobiles products mean automobiles has more ability to access and penetrate places that were restricted in the past. Profitability is a determining factor in the success or failure of any Franchise. Our latest statistics of this month show when an investor takes on a automobiles Franchise the investor is guaranteed to expect a 100% annual return on their investment. This record figure of 100% is proven by the ratings given of the value of the cars once sold into the mainstream market. Prices doubled because the cars have an excellent wholesale price.

Automobiles exotic cars wholesale prices of only US$20,000 can be factual testimonies on paper that high returns are guaranteed. These products have a guaranteed retail price of over triple the amount of what the manufacture automobiles is selling them wholesale for.


Automobiles car prices sky rocket once the product leaves the Manufactures workshop, for example the investor purchases the products at a flat rate of US$20,000 and the value then increases anywhere from US$40,000 to US$60,000.


These profitable figures don’t stop there when an investor has entered into a automobiles Ownership Franchise Agreement the investor is given an additional discount of 10%.


And when the investor chooses more than one Franchise the investors discount rises to an extra 15%. The discounts continue as more products are ordered.


Now with other profitability’s potential from branching into many sectors such as car rentals and auto parts, the automobiles Franchises has a greater potential for higher profit growth rate and sales than ever before.


When analyzing the Exotic Car Rental prices we see two distinct advantages firstly the high profit margins of renting exotic cars compared to general car rentals is far higher and there are far less expenses involved in maintaining exotic cars.


For example car rental companies such as Budget Rental Car have low rent rates because they use cheaper and common cars, although they have low rates and have a high turnover rate of clientele this means high maintenance expenses as well.


Exotic Car Rentals make a better profit margin with less clientele which means less maintenance expenses.


Exotic Car Rentals use original cars with a very high price tag on each car. However the rental rate is very high making a good return on each car investment.



On the other hand automobiles cars cost lower than some of the Budget Rental Cars yet they can rent for much higher prices. Luxury cars rent for 20% to 80% more than common cars. It is very rare to see Exotic Car Rentals renting cars worth over a million dollars each like the Ferrari Enzo Equivalent or the Lambo Egoisto Equivalent . There is an Exotic Car Rental company in the UK that rents Ferrari Enzo cars for 15,000 pounds a day. They also require 15,000 pounds as a returnable security deposit.


To rent an original Ferrari Enzo the daily budget of US$30,000 is required. This is why Exotic Car Rental companies usually rent lower priced cars like the Ferrari 360 or Lambo Gallardo which have a price tag of US$250,000. Exotic Car Rental recommended price list for Ferrari Enzo Equivalent , Veneno, BG Veyron, LP640 Lambo and a Ferrari 430 Spider F1.



Automobiles World is expanding their investment opportunities to the geographic locations that hold the best potential for future franchises. Currently automobiles is targeting geographical locations within the regions of North & South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and now we are including the Middle East.


The Middle Eastern Countries such as the Nation United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, is a Country of great investment potential for car franchises. For example just a couple of months ago Ferrari dedicated their new Abu Dhabi theme park. And the President of Ferrari also cut the ribbon for the new Ferrari store in Abu Dhabi. Also a 2,500-acre island belonging to Persian Gulf emirate Abu Dhabi, will host Ferrari World, a "high-tech" theme park featuring simulator rides, roller coasters, an interactive museum and a theatre with an Italian-themed play and a race track, as part of the $40 billion dollar transformation into one of the world's premier luxury tourist destinations.



To the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, al-Nahyan, who owns five percent of Ferrari SpA, building Ferrari World was a natural decision. To support the increase in tourists visiting Yas Island, Abu Dhabi also plans to spens own airline launched in 2003, calls home.


Abu Dhabi is a fast growing Middle Eastern Country with great wealth and hopeful prospectors. People with great wealth also desire the finest luxuries in cars such as Ferrari and Rolls Royce. There is a strong market for automobiles equivalent high performance cars in Abu Dhabi. automobiles Franchises are for multiple locations and our business concept is transportable and capable of prospering in more than one market. Automobiles has a solid history of healthy bottom lines. It is a unique business capable of thriving in a variety of markets.


an additional $6.8 billion dollars to expand the Abu Dhabi International Airport, where Etihad Airways, the sheikdom'


"Bringing the Ferrari brand to Abu Dhabi is a crucial element of our strategic partnership with the Prancing Horse, and today's inauguration of the Ferrari Store in Abu Dhabi is an important step on this journey" - commented Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman of ALDAR. "Together with our partners at Al Fahim Enterprises we have created the joint venture company FADAR to manage the seamless roll out of the Ferrari brand to UAE consumers. We are confident that this central location at Marina Mall will offer excellent visibility and awareness prior to the park opening in 2012 on YAS Island." " The opening of the Ferrari Store in Abu Dhabi marks our success with our partners, Ferrari and ALDAR to bring the full-fledged luxury experience to avid Ferrari fans" - commented Mr. Mohammed Al Fahim, CEO at Al Fahim Enterprises. "With the opening of this Ferrari store, as well as the one in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, we will continue to Equivalent its success in the Gulf region.