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Is cloning a patent super car legal?

Today in the 21st century we live in a time of great technological advancement. Technology has increased as mankind cuts the red tape and opens their eyes to what is possible. Since the powerful US Declaration of Independence statement “that all men are created equal;” for the first time in the history of mankind we have been set free from the tyrannical red tape “of the world is flat” (bogus rules) so we can “ALL” enjoy the equal privilege and rights for the development of our personal pursuit of excellence and happiness.

The evolution of cloning products in the 21st century is enjoyed by people all around the world. Cloning products opens the global market for people whose financial backgrounds before the 21st century limited them from obtaining the same equal privileges to indulge in luxury items.

For example; the “clone apple iphone” uses the official Apple logo on the back of the iphone, but the clone iphone has different features.

It is argued that the clone iphone although considerably much cheaper has more features and is an improved version of the original.

Although the clone iphone uses the same Apple symbol logo as the original, in comparing the two iphones we can see a slight change in the wall paper design on the clone iphone. However after a person has purchased the clone iphone there is nothing stopping them from changing the wallpaper design to the original. The client has their free agency to choose (an unalienable right) how they use their clone iphone. For more information on the clone iphone

The same goes for cloning luxury super cars.

To clone super cars legally certain details of a replica must be substantially different.

First of all we have a different detail from the original when the word replica is used to describe our product. The word “Replica” already informs the world that it is not an original car or design. Thus we take on a different identity from a patent product (legal terminology) when using the term Replica. To clone we are also identifying our product as something different than an original patent product. To be or not to be this is the question? so it is also a choice between a clone product or an original product, both products clearly pose themselves as separate identities.

Second of all our advertising clearly promotes our Super Car Replicas with promotional names such as Maserati MC 12 Masclon replica or Enzo Ferrari Repclon replica or Ferrari P4/5 Pinclon replica or Buggatti Veyron EB Bugclon replica ect. Whether the name is Masclon, Repclon, Pinclon, Bugclon ect. it is for certain that we identify our products with a different name. However the product is built identical to the original and the client has the option to use the original logos on the Replica. In fact there is no trace on the car itself of our logos only the original logos are used on our replica car body surfaces. In the case of a donor car being the same logo like a Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz we do not tamper or change the VIN or serial plates they stay original.

Thirdly it is clear that the body designs of our replicas are identical to the original car; however there are distinct details that are not the same. Those distinct details constitute a clear substantial difference in the design of our clone replicas with the original patent versions. The differences between the designs of our replicas and the original patent cars are the motors, internal structures (such as chassis), running gear, materials used for the body work (we also clearly stipulate by identifying our carbonfibre mixed with kevlar bodies different to the original carbon fiber bodies or original metal bodies), we also give the client the options to use other known brand name products in the kits such as Mustang motors & parts, Jaguar motors & parts, BMW motors & parts ect. Thus our designs clearly present themselves as very different from the original designs.

Fourthly regarding images used on our web pages. If their be any images used on our FOOSE Cars web pages that represent the products of other manufactures like BMW accessories or Porsche distributors ect; (which are readily available on search engines such as Google search) we declare that (FOOSE Cars) are solely using those images to promote the products we “MAY” use on our replicas. Whether or not those images on our web pages represent and promote designs, car parts and accessories like fibreglass accessories or kits, motors, lights, tires, brakes, clutches ect and whatever car manufactures products including car designs and cars at shows, our web pages do not in any way take on the responsibility to authorize an official representation or guarantee those products. We do however guarantee the assemblies of those products and clearly promote the responsibility for the way our replicas are built, guaranteeing to our clients a professional service, quality and repairs, but we do not represent those other brands and distributors or claim our replicas are built by the original car manufactures even though we might use images to show how we clone their car designs and manufacturing process.