Color Chart

At FOOSE Cars there are no limits when it comes to the interiors of our cars. We offer arrange of auto accessories for our car interiors including stereos, air conditioners, electric windows, navigation satellite systems, reverse camera for the Lamborghini etc.


Below you can find a list osf the Lamborghini colors available for the Murcielago with the official name, and the corresponding name translated into english.

Titanium metallic Grigio Antares Met. 2CT *0048 Dark gray metallic Grigio Avlon Met. 2CT *0049 Lilac gold metallic Grigio Iris Met. 2CT *0050 Black Nero Aldebaran 2CT *0051
Pearl black metallic Nero Pegaso Mts 2CT *0052 Ocean blue metallic Blu Ely Met 2CT *0053 Navy blue metallic Blu Hera Mic 2CT *0054 Yellow Giallo Evros 2CT *0055
Pearl metallic yellow Giallo Orion Mic 2CT *0056 Orange Arancio Ishtar 2CT *0057 Orange metallic Arancio Atlas Mic 2CT *0058 Red Rosso Andromeda 2CT *0059
Clear white Bianco Isis 2CT *0060 Pearl metallic violet Viola Ophelia Mic 2CT *0061 Pearl metallic green Verde Hydra Met 2CT *0062 Ocean blue Blu Nova 2CT *0064
Pearl metallic silver Azzurro Aquarius Met 2CT *0076 Pearl metallic flue green Verde Ithaca Mic 2CT *0077