Armored Maybach Guard VIP

The Maybach Guard is an upgraded version of the Maybach that offers enhanced B4-level security for the occupants of the vehicle. B4-level security means that someone attacking the car with a blunt instrument (like a bat or a crowbar) or a handgun up to .44 caliber at point-blank range will be unable to disable the vehicle or harm the passengers.

Maybach Guard vehicles are built from the ground up on the assembly line -- the features are not added on after the fact. This allows a Maybach Guard vehicle to look identical to a standard Maybach.

Features include:

Reinforced steel in areas like the roof, rear wall, firewall, doors and floor

Kevlar blankets, similar to those used in body armor, to absorb bullets that pass through the steel

Bulletproof glass in all windows

Special overlapping protection zones around door and window seams to prevent bullet entry

Protected fuel tank

Run-flat tires

There is also a special alarm system, including alarm activation buttons at every seat, along with an intercom system to allow communication with people outside the vehicle without opening a window.