Amphibious Cars

This is an amphibian car with a slight twist as it can be

manoeuvred in ice and water instead of terra firma for US$19,000

Quadski: The Jet ski with four wheels rides on water and land the amphibian four wheeler jetski Quadski is a four-wheeled bike as well as a ski for only US$14,000

Amphibious jeep for only US$22,000


Water Car: the water car has been claimed to be the fastest amphibian vessel currently in operation.

Amphicoach: Personal amphibian cars aside, the Amphicoach has been developed as a travelling van for tourists.

Amphibian Pick-up.

DUKVs: DUKVs were tanks that were used in the Second World War.


Boat Car - Python Specs
Weight: 3800 Lbs
Height: 66”
Length: 20’ 6”
Width: 82”
Water Speed: 60 Mph
Land Speed: 125+ Mph
How Many Passengers: 5
Engine: 1 Rear engine Gm LS1 - LS9
Transmission: 4 Speed Standard
Gear Box: Mindiola
Marine Propulsion: Jet
Wheel Size: 20” X 255
Brakes: Four Wheel Disk Power Brakes
Steering: Power Steering
Wheels Retract: Pneumatic
Octane Used: 91 Octane Pump gas
Cooling System: Closed system coolant
Hull Design: Planing
Doors: 2

Boat Car - Aquada Specs
Category Private Light Vehicle and RCD Category D
Engine 175 hp, 24 valve, V6 with EEC compliant immobiliser
Gearbox 5 speed auto and reverse
Fuel 95 Ron Unleaded
Fuel tank capacity 15 gallons/67 litres
Wheels front 16 x 6.5 J alloy 6 spoke; rear 16 x 6.5 J alloy 6 spoke
Tyres front 215 x 65; rear 225 x 60
Brakes All round power assisted discs. Front ventilated
Suspension Computer controlled air/oil hydraulic self-levelling with variable
ride height
Steering Power assisted on road and water
Seating 3 across-centre steer. Seats can be elevated for improved
visibility on water
Seat belts Three-point pre-tension seat belts for driver and 2 passengers
Kerb weight 1466kg
Permissible gross weight 1750kg
Jet Proprietary Gibbs unit
Trim tabs Dihedral electric trim tabs
Bilge pumps 3 independent systems
Buoyancy Non-sinkable if swamped
Lights Marine navigation lights
Fire protection Automatic engine compartment suppression system
Boot capacity 35kg
Hood Bimini style
Heater Included

Boat Car - Rinspeed Splash Specs
Measurements street (water)
Length 3’760 mm (4'125mm)
Width 1’865 mm (3'990mm)
Height 1’230 mm
Wheelbase 2’345 mm
Track front 1’600 mm
Track rear 1’600 mm
Ground clearance ~110 mm
Empty weight 825 kg
Draught at rest (1'300 mm)
Draught flying (400 mm)
Vmax Street (Water)
Top speed 200 km/h (80 km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h approx. 5.9 sec
Engine Weber Motor MPE 750
Displacement 750 cm³
Stroke 66.0 mm
Bore 85.0 mm
Charging system Turbo
Intercoolers 1
Cylinders 2
Valves 4
Compression ratio 9:1
Power output 140 hp (103 kW)
at 7'000 /min
Max. torque 150 Nm
at 3'500 /min
Supercharging 0.97 bar
Type of fuel Gasoline / Natural gas
Exhaust system Remus
Power train Rear wheel drive
Gearbox Manual
Gears 6
Propeller Ø 360 mm / 3 blade

Boat Car - Amphijeep Specs
Proper doors (can you imagine getting into an amphib with the weather equipment on with no doors? - or even more importantly trying to get out quickly in an emergency). The Amphijeep doors open ABOVE the water line so can be opened safely when the car is in the water.
FULL 4 seater 2 door (RV)
FULL 7/8 seater 4 door (FC)
proper lockable easy access doors
Left or Right hand drive.
5 speed gearbox, selectable 2wd high, 4wd high, 4wd low and PTO.
Fully reclining front seats with head rests.
Tilting rear seats.
Vanity mirror on sun visor with operating instructions.
9 gallon/42L fuel tank.
Diagonally split dual brake system, servo, disc front, drum rear.
Central locking.
Radio/CD player.
15" steel wheels with 205/70 off road tyres. (aluminium wheels optional)
1 internal, 2 external electric mirrors.
Halogen headlamps, hazard warning, rear fog, reversing and side repeaters.
2 speed wipers and delay.
Speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge, water temp, engine bay temp.
Full set of Amphijeep decals.
Pair entry foot steps.
3 speed heater fan
2 bilge pumps with auto float switches.
26 row oil cooler.
Battery master switch.
Red/green/white navigation lamp.
Front stainless steel tow eye
Rear boarding platform.
4 grab handles
Stainless steel heat exchangers for engine water and oil

Boat Car - HydraSpyder Specs
Flotation foam makes the Hydra Spyder an unsinkable amphibious vehicle.
This unit has a Corvette LS2 fuel injected engine with 450 H.P.
Full engine instrumentation package
5 speed Tremec TKO high performance manual transmission
Front wheel drive
4 wheel disc brake system
265/70R 17" wheels and tires
Berkley Marine Jet with power trim and steering package
Air ride retractable 4 point front and rear suspension system
All aluminum lower hull with fiberglass upper structure
Stainless Steel side winder exhaust system